Kyrillos would oppose activist judges

By HANK BUTEHORN In 2005, when elected Governor, Jon Corzine appointed a Hudson County politician to replace himself in the United States Senate.  That replacement, Bob Menendez, continued to push Corzine’s far left agenda in Washington, supported Corzine’s extremism in Trenton, and is up for re-election next year.  While much of the political debate the upcoming months will revolve around the Presidential election, the importance of the U.S. Senate race must not be lost. 

One position that encapsulates the Corzine extremism is support of an activist judiciary.  The residents of New Jersey have seen firsthand the detrimental impact of judicial activism; the importance of opposing activist judges on the Federal level is an essential responsibility in the Senate to ensure our continued Liberty and preserve our form of government.

However, Corzine, Menendez, and President Obama have promoted activist judges who will impose their political view on the county, re-write the Constitution to achieve their desired ends, and disregard the integrity of our Supreme Law or will of the people.  In his first speech on the Senate floor Menendez reiterated his extremism in that regard and spoke in opposition of New Jersey’s own Sam Alito, a judicial nominee who would not takes sides in legal disputes but applied the law as written.  Menendez has since supported judicial nominees who support a “living Constitution” and push a result based upon ideology rather than the law.

To the contrary, New Jersey deserves a Senator of conviction who understands the importance of the office and the importance of a judiciary that does not legislate from the bench.  One person mentioned as a possible opponent to Menendez who understands this issue, and stands as a clear choice and contrast to the Menendez/Corzine/Obama extremism, is State Senator Joe Kyrillos.  For example, the year Menendez made his Senate speech favoring judicial activism Senator Kyrillos voted against it.  Kyrillos was the only State Senator to vote against tenure for a New Jersey Supreme Court Justice, a vote he cast because of a belief the Justice legislated from the bench.  Since that time Kyrillos has continually stood against activist judges and spoken in support of those who interpret the State Constitution as written.

As the political eyes focus on the 2012 election cycle do not forget the importance of the candidates’ position and record on judicial nominees.  This issue may not garner the attention it requires but, as more push their political agenda through the courts rather than the ballot box, it must.  New Jersey residents understand the detrimental impact of an activist court and need a U.S. Senator who will stand with the people, and Constitution, against such activism. 

Senator Kyrillos clearly understands the role of a judge and has a record that demonstrates he will not cave to extremists.  He also has a solid record on the other issues important to the Garden State.  In 2009 the people rejected the Corzine extremism and in 2012 it is time to reject the extremism of his hand picked replacement in the U.S. Senate.  New Jersey would be fortunate and served well with Kyrillos as that replacement because he is the best man for the job.

Hank Butehorn is a member of the Monmouth County GOP Kyrillos would oppose activist judges