Last Week in Betabeat: Poaching Etiquette and New York’s 20 Most Poachable Techies

Did you get too busy to read your daily Betabeat last week? Here are the highlights, as selected by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: Poaching Etiquette: As Talent Tightens, New York Startups Try to Stay Civil

Of the 184 startups that have “Made in NYC” emblazoned on their websites, no fewer than 130 are staffing up—which means if you want to make a startup, you’re going to have to poach some devs.

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Who’s really good, but working at a lousy place? Who are the allstars who could kick ass anywhere, and even be fun to be around? Are they bored, underpaid, or underutilized? And who is in line, or should be, to score a raise?

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We sifted through hundreds of eager startups to find some of New York’s top prospects to pitch Lerer Ventures. Watch Ben Lerer and Jordan Cooper talk about them after they’ve left the room.


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VCs are Encouraging Their Portfolio Companies to Trade on Private Markets (April 28, 2011)

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