Mack recall effort falls short

The effort to recall Trenton Mayor Tony Mack has failed, according to a release issued this afternoon by the recall committee.

Residents of the beleagured city have been trying for months to collect the required 9,680 signatures to force a recall election, but fell about 1,400 short.

“Clearly, the residents of Trenton have demonstrated their enormous dissatisfaction with this administration, and despite the many forms of harassment and intimidation displayed by Mack supporters, the people set aside their fears and put the City first,”  said David Ponton, chairman of The Committee to Recall Mayor Tony F. Mack.

Ponton pointed out that the 8,500 signatures is more than Mack received to get elected mayor.

In a brief statement, Mack said he had heard the concerns voiced by residents “loud and clear.”

“I remain dedicated to serving the residents of the City of Trenton, and I’ve heard their concerns loud and clear,” Mack said in a statement. “I look forward to working with our residents to build Trenton together.”

The effort has been ongoing since June and supporters were hopful as late as this weekend that they might reach their goal.  

Mack’s short tenure in office has been plagued by scandal, including arrests of senior administration officials, a revolving door of business administrators and police chiefs, questionable moves by Mack himself and a recent lawsuit that among other claims, alleges Mack stole city property and gave out a no show job.

This week, Mercer County Prosecutor Joe Bocchini told The Times of Trenton that an arrest of a local unions boss was part of a larger investigation into the city.  Bocchini did not elaborate.

Mack’s campaign fundraising also raised issues earlier this year as did his campaign HQ in a Mack-owned building that was delilnquent on property taxes.


  Mack recall effort falls short