Mary Boone Plans Ai Weiwei ‘Sunflower Seed’ Exhibition

Ai Weiwei's 2010-11 exhibition at Tate Modern. (Photo by waldopepper / Flickr)

The Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei will exhibit one of his iconic sunflower seed installations at the Mary Boone Gallery in January.

Gallery partner Ron Warren said in an e-mail that the exhibition will consist of “a level field comprised of millions (five tons) of individual porcelain seeds,” similar to the work that appeared at Tate Modern in London, in October 2010.

Ms. Boone, who last showed the artist’s work in 2008, went to “Beijing in late August of this year [when] Weiwei had recently been released from custody,” Mr. Warren said. Mr. Ai was held without charges this summer for 81 days, prompting calls from international government officials for his release.

Mr. Warren added, “She went to show support and check on his well-being [because] we have a history with the artist. … The visit was more personal than political.”

Earlier this week, the Chinese government ordered Mr. Ai to pay $2.4 million to cover unpaid taxes, charges that many believe were politically motivated. The artist has vowed “to fight them to the death.”

Mr. Ai has been prohibited from leaving China for a year, meaning that it is unlikely that he will attend the exhibition.

Mary Boone Plans Ai Weiwei ‘Sunflower Seed’ Exhibition