Mayor’s Ex Susan Bloomberg Sells Soho Penthouse

Susan Bloomberg (Photo from Patrick McMullan)

We know that Mayor Bloomberg lives in the lap of Old World luxury in his string of East Side townhouse, but his ex, Susan Bloomberg, has a roost rivaling the mayor’s Baroque maison, as well? Or at least she did.

Unlike her former husband’s palatial uptown abode, Ms. Bloomberg favors downtown digs, at One Kenmare Square, to be exact, that black, wavy lodestar built by Andre Balazs. Ms. Bloomberg has just sold her candy-colored bachelorette pad for $11.6 million, according to city records

Ms. Bloomberg penthouse was actually comprised of two units, which sold separately to the same buyer buyer, who purchased anonymously through “Cirrus 210 LLC.” Perhaps he or she is a meteorological aficionado, as “cirrus” is in fact a type of thin, ethereal cloud. Or perhaps the buyer is merely mocking us, making note of the life they’ll soon lead up in the clouds of Soho.

While not quite reaching the $13 million ask Ms. Bloomberg sought when she put the property on the market over the summer, she did best the asking price of $11.5 million from when the home first came on the market in August 2009. It is still a tidy profit, enough to make a Bloomberg-terminal-tied banker proud: City records show she purchased the two units for a combined total of $10.2 million in 2006.

According to a listing from Halstead broker Arlene Weindberg, the buyer has scored a “quiet paradise above the bustle of the city, with abundant light, fine finishes and sensational views at every turn!” Aside from owning the five-bedroom, four-bath home frequented by the daughters of New York’s fearless leader, they have a full 4,472 square feet of interior space to relax in the winter months, and another 4,031 square feet of outdoor space spread over two terraces to sun themselves when weather permits. Mayor’s Ex Susan Bloomberg Sells Soho Penthouse