Meghan McCain Is MSNBC's New GOP Expert


Last night MSNBC host Thomas Roberts introduced Meghan McCain as a “newly appointed MSNBC contributor.”

“I didn’t know it was going to be announced,” she said.

Ms. McCain, a Daily Beast columnist and the daughter of Senator John McCain, was brought on to talk about the GOP field.

Ms. McCain had recently gotten into it on Twitter with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who had called her analysis of his campaign clueless.

“I think he’s delusional,” Ms. McCain said. “I would bet my career he’s not going to be our next nominee.”

Ms. McCain stressed the importance of social issues to young Republican voters and lauded John Huntsman’s daughters for getting involved in his campaign through social media.

“I’m just glad Twitter wasn’t around when I was on the campaign trail because I probably would have gotten kicked off of it a lot earlier,” she said.

“Whatever John McCain’s sins, he does not deserve a daughter like this,” Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson tweeted about her appearance.

“That’s by far the nastiest thing anybody has said about me in a very long time Tucker,” Ms. McCain replied. “Genuinely hurt my feelings.”



Meghan McCain Is MSNBC's New GOP Expert