Michele Bachmann Served Drinks at Tonight's Republican Debate

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann gives Governor Rick Perry a glass of water at the debate. (Photo: CitizenLink.com)

This evening’s Thanksgiving Family Forum was all about traditional, conservative family values so Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann started by taking on the traditional woman’s role and serving glasses of water to teach of her male opponents in the Republican primaries. Before she sat down at the debate roundtable, Congresswoman Bachmann picked up a nearby jug of water and poured glasses for each of her rivals.


“I want to begin by thanking Representative Bachmann for taking care of the water for today’s event,” moderator Frank Luntz said.

“I’m used to it Frank,” the Congresswoman laughed. “I’ve poured a lot of water in my time.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry gave Congresswoman his glass as she approached.

“”Oh thank you,” Governor Perry said.

“Thanks,” Congresswoman Bachmann said as she took his glass and filled it.

“Yes ma’am,” Governor Perry said.

For a moment, it seemed as though Congresswoman Bachmann’s efforts might pay off with an early edge in the debate.

“Now I have to let the Congresswoman actually get the first question because she just gave me water,” Mr. Luntz joked before returning to his original script. “Actually Dr. Paul I’d like to begin with you,” Mr. Luntz said turning to Ron Paul and delving into his questions.

Tonight’s Thanksgiving Family Forum was sponsored by Citizen Link and the Family Leader, which are both affiliated with the evangelical Christian group Focus on the Family. Congresswoman Bachmann, Governor Perry and Mr. Paul participated along with Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney and John Huntsman were noticeably absent. Mr. Romney opted to host his own town hall talk and Mr. Huntsman, who’s currently near last place in the polls, is focusing his attentions on New Hampshire.

  Michele Bachmann Served Drinks at Tonight's Republican Debate