Midwood Rabbi Takes $3.4 M. Vow at the Rushmore

The rushin' rabbi.

It seems that we’re in the wrong profession. Although The Observer has long considered a career in rabbinical studies, we fully intend to pursue our religious calling after noticing a recent real estate transaction involving Rabbi Alvin Kass.

Rebbe Kass, who also serves as the NYPD’s head chaplain, and his wife Miryom have just purchased a sweet new home at 80 Riverside Boulevard in tony condo complex The Rushmore.

Dr. Kass has led the East Midwood Jewish Center for the past 25 years. . Perhaps the biggest difference between the rabbi’s current home on East 21st Street and his new one—besides being a glassy condo compared to a vinyl-sided detached home—is that the good rabbi will be paying for it himself. His current residence is owned by the synagogue, whereas the new one he is paying for out of pocket. It looks like the Talmudic industry (with supplemental income from the NYPD) pays well, as Rabbi Kass spent a full $3.41 million on the place.

It seems that the Kasses knows how to strike a deal. Although the four-bedroom, 3.5-bath condo was originally listed at $4.2 million, it had dropped to $3.49 million when the contract was signed, meaning the couple knocked $80,00 off before they settled. Mazel tov!

Perhaps the Rabbi is trying to work on his celeb connections (courting Madge and her kabbalists perhaps?), as The Rushmore has been a hot spot for hot shots from A-Rod to Robin Williams in recent years. Let’s just hope he does not catch the Evil Eye over here, as plans for a new synagogue by venerated real estate rebbe Joseph Pinto in another Riverside South complex have soured recently.

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