Millionaire’s tax: Still dead

Gov. Chris Christie today openly scoffed at comments from an announcement from Legislative Democrats that the party intends to once again pursue a tax on millionaires.

In a terse response to a question on the proposed tax, Christie said as many times as Democrats try, the so-called surcharge will never pass.

“It’ll be vetoed it and the veto won’t be overridden,” He said.  “These guys are the biggest one-note Johnnies you’ve ever heard in your life.   I’m surprised they don’t think the millionaire’s tax can cure cancer because that’s the way they talk about it.  Let me assure them that they can pass it as many times as they want and they tried to demagogue it in this election and what did it get them. Nothing.”

Earlier today, Democratic leaders said they have an obligation to raise the issue again,  particularly in light of Legislative elections won handily by Democrats.

“We have an obligation to raise that issue,” Speaker Sheila Oliver said.

Millionaire’s tax: Still dead