Mold-expert certification effort advances

TRENTON – The Assembly Appropriations committee released bill A3773, which would set up a certification program for mold experts.

The bill would also require the Department of Community Affairs to establish standards for exposure limits to mold in residential buildings, for mold hazard abatement procedures including specialized cleaning, repairs, maintenance, painting, temporary containment and ongoing monitoring of mold hazards or potential hazards.

This bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Dan Benson, would further require the department to establish a certification program for persons who inspect for the presence of mold hazards in residential buildings and who perform mold hazard abatement work in residential buildings.

The New Jersey Association of Realtors supports the bill. But the builders association and the Community Association Institute oppose the legislation.

Assembly members John DiMaio and Erik Peterson voted against releasing the bill.

  Mold-expert certification effort advances