Morning Links: Arianna Huffington Isn’t Angry, Just Disappointed

Arianna Huffington is profiled by fellow media power Greek Vanessa Grigoriadis in New York today. Among the highlights:

  • Arianna Huffington’s best employee put down is, ‘I’m disappointed in you—you’re weak.”
  • She cries if she doesn’t get her way.
  • Tim Armstrong brings power publicist Desiree Gruber for backup when he needs to confront her.
  • A science vertical cometh, with the HuffPo’s signature Hollywood buff. “I’m doing a science site now, called Talk Nerdy to Me, with video of a sexy, fun scientist—Bill Maher’s [ex-]girlfriend!” [New York]

Oprah’s media empire in decline. [WWD]

Rupert Murdoch sold off a chunk of non-voting News Corp. shares worth $61.7 million. [WSJ]

Hugh Grant and J.K. Rowling will testify in an inquiry into British media ethics. [AP]

Netflix will produce the Arrested Development revival. [CNET]

The Atlantic’s digital ad revenue is now greater than its print ad revenue. [Decoder]

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s media empire is so powerful it single-handedly drives the market. When a Jeff Bezos interview in Bloomberg Businessweek that revealed plans for a secret tablet device was published on the terminal, Amazon stock moved five percent. Bloomberg LP may also acquire the Financial Times, for the sake of the Bloomberg View columnists. [Newsweek]


Morning Links: Arianna Huffington Isn’t Angry, Just Disappointed