Morning Links: Musical Chairs at Conde Holiday Party

James Murdoch quit the boards of three papers. [Evening Standard]

George Bodenheimer stepping down at ESPN, to be replaced by John Skipper. [LA Times]

To do America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern wants $20 million and for the show to move to New York. [Post]

3rd Rock from the Sun and The Cosby Show on Hulu. [Variety]

Brian Williams nightly newscast does better than NBC prime time. [Yahoo!]

The Washington Post Guild says the newspaper is enacting some shady layoffs and buyouts. [Post Guild]

Publisher Jason Wagenheim has left Glamour after only three months, because it’s still largely under Bill Wackerman’s control. He’s rumored to be headed to Details. If he does, Mr. Wackerman will relinquish control of that title. [WWD]

At the Conde Nast holiday party, the first since ’07, Si Newhouse was seated with Scott Dadich, David Remnick, VF publisher Ed Menischeschi, and Brandon Holley. [Media Ink]

  Morning Links: Musical Chairs at Conde Holiday Party