Morning Links: Occupy Wall Street Edition

An Occupy Wall Street sign. (Photo by Aaron Bauer / Flickr)

The Smithsonian is collecting materials from the Occupy Wall Street protests, including some of the colorful signs that protestors have used down at Zuccotti Park. [LA Times]

Michele Elam discusses the ways in which art is central to the cause of Occupy Wall Street. [CNN]

Gallerist reported from a very bumpy Impressionist-modern auction at Christie’s last night. [GalleristNY]

The city is satisfied: Carsten Höller show may move forward, nude sensory deprivation tank included. [WNYC]

Sam Francis estate adds to the royalty lawsuits out in California. [LA Times]

The Museum of Modern Art commissions Antony and the Johnsons piece for Radio City Music Hall. [NYT]


Morning Links: Occupy Wall Street Edition