Morning Links: Renovations Edition

A work by Mr. Cattelan.

The New York Times takes a look at the relatively modest home that Menil Collection director Josef Helfenstein built in Houston for $495,000, just 200 yards from the museum he runs. [NYT]

Each Maurizio Cattelan interview is like a snowflake, no two are same. In this one we introduce the pope to a chainsaw. [Bloomberg]

Want to see the Leonardo show at the National Gallery in London? You will need to wait at least until late December. The show runs through February 5, 2012. [Telegraph]

Artist John Armleder explained his “extensive hospitalizations” of late to Le Monde, and Artforum translated. Said Mr. Armleder: ““I spent months leaving for other planets; I almost died five times. I was nailed to a hospital bed for a year, fed by tube. The doctors said they could get me out only with tubes everywhere. But I applied the same dilettantism to the sickness that I use in my work, and it worked.” [Artforum]

The Modigliani show at the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow may be displaying a fake. [The Art Newspaper]

Here’s a preview of the New York Historical Society’s renovations, which debut to the public on Friday. [DNAInfo]

Archeologists find Europe’s oldest painting. [Der Spiegel]

Here is a kind of terrifying article that you’d expect Fox News to write about how museums are failing to attract “Latino audiences” despite a rise in Latin American art. [Fox News]

Here is a funny picture of a failed attempt at stealing a statue of Ronald Reagan. [LA Times] Morning Links: Renovations Edition