Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Biggest Regret; ‘Cowboy Culture’ at NYPD; Election Days in Droves

There could be as many as four election days in New York next year.

Mike Bloomberg’s biggest disappointment? Failing to pass congestion pricing in Albany.

Alec Baldwin went into his mayoral riff alongside Mike Bloomberg at last night’s Mayor’s Awards for Arts and Culture at Lincoln Center.

William Boyland’s corruption trial began yesterday, and prosecutors described him as “a paid advocate in Albany, a politician on the take.”

Dennis Hughes is planning to step down by the end of the year.

Now that the tax cap is in place, a coalition of government officials and business groups is calling for new labor contracts to meet the new spending reductions.

Ed Koch and Mike Bloomberg disagree about the origins of the financial crisis. “I’m Jewish, not Catholic, but I believe in punishment,” Koch told an ABNY crowd, explaining fraudulent bankers should be held to account.

A manifesto claiming to represent the demands of Occupy Wall Street isn’t really representing the demands of Occupy Wall Street.

A look at what Occupy Wall Street protesters can expect in court.

A downtown cafe is laying off workers and may be forced to close due to the protests.

Andrew Cuomo’s jobs hotline is popular.

Cuomo’s Medicaid redesign team looks likely to push more people into managed care.

The whistle-blower who brought a Medicaid lawsuit against the city and is set to receive millions in payment, said he was inspired by Frank Capra movie. His mother hopes he uses the money to find a Jewish wife.

Suspensions are up, but more serious crimes declined in city schools.

Recent freakish weather is challenging the energy needs of those who live outside the urban power grid.

A cop in the ticket-fixing scandal covered an apparently near-deadly beating for a friend.

Asian candidates could see real gains at the ballot box thanks to redistricting.

Public payrolls are declining in New York state due to budget cuts and retirements.

The Post says that the appointment of former AG Bob Abrams to audit John Liu’s campaign financing is insufficient, and that the DA should examine instead.

A Brooklyn judge decried the “cowboy culture” of the NYPD after a narcotics cop was sentenced for planting crack on a suspect.

Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Biggest Regret; ‘Cowboy Culture’ at NYPD; Election Days in Droves