Morning Read: Occupy Anniversary; More Trouble for Vito Lopez; Powell for Congress?

Tens of thousands are expected in the streets today for the two month anniversary of the Occupy protests, and some demonstrators are expected to disguise themselves in business suits and swarm the New York Stock Exchange.

The NYPD participated in conference calls with 40 other municipalities over how to deal with the Occupy protests.

The Post accused the 2013 aspirants criticizing the eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters “irresponsible demagoguery.”

Philip Gourevitch of the New Yorker: “Even if Bloomberg’s extreme action was good for O.W.S., it was not the best thing for the city. In a democracy, a mayor who believes he can shut down the press at will is not defending public safety.”

Occupy Wall Street’s eviction from Zuccotti Park led to a flood of donations in support.

Bloomberg biographer Joyce Purnick says that the mayor has been foiled by the lack of someone to negotiate with.

The Times has a humorous look at the new rules surrounding what is permitted in Zuccotti Park.

Occupy Albany protesters are happily getting arrested day after day since the local DA, David Soares, has said he won’t prosecute in a rebuke to Gov. Cuomo.

Democrats are keeping the protests are arm’s length.

A new report details the effect climate change will have on New York State.

After a top fundraiser of John Liu’s was charged with conspiracy and wire fraud, The Post called on the City Comptroller to step down.

Liu’s attorney says the comptroller did nothing wrong.

Liu’s focus should be less on running for mayor and more on keeping his current job–and maybe staying out of prison.

New allegations about Ridgewood-Bushwick, the massive social service agency tied to Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez surfaced in a new Dept. of Investigations report, including that “recreated” documents to justify a massive pay hike for Lopez’s girlfriend and a close aide.

The number of deportations in New York under the controversial Secure Communities program has surged in recent months, Joseph Spector writes.

A federal appeals court overturned the corruption conviction of Joe Bruno but rejected his effort to avoid a new trial.

City Councilmembers are grumbling that Christine Quinn didn’t do enough to help Ydanis Rodriguez, who was held in jail for 19 hours after getting arrested at the Occupy protests.

New York City tax returns topped expectations.

If the Transit Worker’s Union contract demands are met, it could mean less money for capital projects like the 2nd Ave Subway.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo rolled out another round of grants and loans to upstate areas still recovering from a devastating series of summer floods.

How much will Barack Obama’s foreign policy victories matter in 2012?

Rick Perry’s warchest is drying up.

Adam Clayton Powell IV is considering a run against Carolyn Maloney, if her district moves north.


  Morning Read: Occupy Anniversary; More Trouble for Vito Lopez; Powell for Congress?