N.J. wedding license legislation would eliminate 72-hour waiting period

TRENTON — A bill has been introduced that aims to streamline wedding regulations and boost the state’s tourism business.

Assemblyman Louis Greenwald, (D-6), Camden, and Sen. Nicholas Scutari, (D-22), Linden, have introduced legislation – A4366/S3122 – that, among other things:

* Will eliminate the 72-hour waiting period for issuance of a marriage or civil union license.

* Streamline residency requirements by allowing applicants to acquire a license in the town where the marriage is to be performed, rather than being restricted to acquiring the license in the town where an applicant resides.

“This legislation allows New Jersey to take advantage of its location and catch up with modern times,” Greenwald said in a release. “We will now be allowing in-state residents and visitors to make full and better use of the abundance of top-notch wedding destinations, here in the Garden State.”

The sponsors frame the bill, in part, as a means to give New Jersey a competitive edge over neighboring states, create jobs, and jump-start small businesses that are part of the state’s wedding/tourism industry.

The waiting periods of some nearby states include 72 hours in Pennsylvania, 24 hours in New York and Delaware, and 48 hours in Maryland. Connecticut and Rhode Island have no waiting period.

“With unemployment still at 9 percent, this common-sense bill will stimulate local economies and create jobs in our state,” Greenwald said.

N.J. wedding license legislation would eliminate 72-hour waiting period