New bills land in post-election Trenton

TRENTON – As the post-election lame duck season begins, the Senate and Assembly both opened the quorum call this week,

TRENTON – As the post-election lame duck season begins, the Senate and Assembly both opened the quorum call this week, allowing for new legislation to be introduced.

In the Senate, a few interesting bills hit the table.

Women’s health care returns to the fore with S3087. Sponsored by state Sens. Diane Allen, (R-7), of Edgewater Park, and Jennifer Beck, (R-11), of Red Bank, the bill proposes a supplemental appropriation for the FY12 budget of up to $6.3 million for women’s health programs, the focus of Democratic forces earlier in 2011. According to the bill, the funds are available but not appropriated, and would not be usable for abortion services.

Another bill, S3096, sponsored by state Sens. Barbara Buono, (D-18), of Metuchen, and Joe Vitale, (D-19), of Woodbridge, would expand the jurisdiction of the Division of Rate Counsel to include authority to represent and protect the public interest in proceedings that pertain to insurance carriers seeking rate increases for health benefits plans offered through the New Jersey Individual Health Coverage Program or the New Jersey Small Employer Health Benefits Program.

A complement to S2893 – a not-yet-passed law which requires prior approval by the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance for any rate increases for plans in the health programs after public hearings – this bill includes the Division of Rate Counsel in the prior approval and public hearing processes.

In the Assembly, two bills related to personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance, a hot topic in the Statehouse, came down.

The first, A4236, sponsored by Assemblymen Vincent Prieto, (D-33), of Secaucus, and John Wisniewski, (D-19), of Sayreville, clarifies that licensed hospitals are not subject to medical fee schedules for the reimbursement of health care providers in connection with PIP insurance coverage.

The second bill, A4254, sponsored by Assemblyman Jon Bramnick, (R-21), of Westfield, clarifies that insured patients and health care providers have the right to access the court system in any dispute regarding the recovery of medical expense benefits or other benefits provided under PIP coverage.

The entire list of bills follows.


S3082 (Stack,B) Homeowner assn. meetings-default prov.

S3083 (Stack,B) Plastic and Paper Bag Reduction Act

S3084 (Stack,B) Parole Div-transfer, Dept of Corrections

S3086 (Weinberg,L/Whelan,J) Nurse Faculty Shortage-estab. Task Force

S3087 (Allen,D/Beck,J) Women’s health svcs.;$6.3M

S3088 (Gordon,R) Hurricane Irene victim-cert purch rebate

S3090 (Gordon,R) Marsellus Street Bridge, Bergen Co.;$10M

S3091 (Madden,F/Sweeney,S) S. Jersey Vietnam Vet.-auth. lic. plate

S3092 (Norcross,D) Sch. fac. proj.-use explicit model

S3093 (Codey,R/Lesniak,R) Wrongful imprisonment-incr. comp.

S3094 (Cardinale,G) Sidewalks, cert.-pub. entity not liable

S3095 (Cardinale,G) Pub entity, cert. accidents-immunity

S3096 (Buono,B/Vitale,J) Div of Rate Counsel-expands jurisdiction

S3097 (Bucco,A) Highlands Region-concerns cert. constr

S3098 (Bucco,A) Highlands mun.-concerns gross income tax

S3099 (Gordon,R/Girgenti,J) Emerg Trans Water Infrastructure Recovery

S3100 (Gordon,R) Health Fac. Reuse prog.-estab.

S3101 (Sweeney,S) St. Psych. Hosp Closure Task Force-estab

SR130 (Weinberg,L) NJN emp.-Gov assist, attaining positions

SR131 (O’Toole,K) Cong.-enact leg., nine recommendations


A4226 (Chivukula,U) Solar renewable energy cert.-limits elig

A4227 (Lampitt,P) Psychologists-concerns licensure

A4228 (Amodeo,J/Peterson,E+1) Drunk driv-proh. claims alco bev servers

A4229 (Watson Coleman,B) Emerg. Dept. Triage Referral Pilot Prog.

A4230 (DiCicco,D) St. dept & auth.-make fiscal data public

A4231 (Wagner,C/Gusciora,R) Shipping-proh trans into cert wastewater

A4232 (Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R) Govt. records-pub. access thru website

A4233 (O’Scanlon,D/Schaer,G+3) Cell phone seizure-police obtain warrant

A4234 (O’Scanlon,D/Schaer,G+3) GPS seizure-police req to obtain warrant

A4235 (Angelini,M/Casagrande,C) Sch. buses, cert.-permits exterior ads

A4236 (Prieto,V/Wisniewski,J+1) Hosp-not subject to PIP med fee schedule

A4237 (Dancer,R) Pub sch. haz. busing-shared transp. svc.

A4238 (Dancer,R) Xanadu complex-simulcast horse races

A4239 (DiCicco,D) Bus. relocated from Asia-finan. assist.

A4240 (DiCicco,D) Agric. devel. co./mun.-allows

A4241 (DiCicco,D) Costantino’s Law-prisoner release

A4242 (Ramos,R) Jobs, Trade and Democracy Act

A4243 (Ramos,R) Homestead rebate-65 yrs or older, disab.

A4244 (Ramos,R) Oral health curricula-req. pub. sch.

A4245 (Ramos,R) St. bd memb., cert.-permits removal

A4246 (Ramos,R) Charitable org info-publish on internet

A4247 (Ramos,R) Managed care plans-deny participation

A4248 (Burzichelli,J) St investment petroleum commodities-proh

A4249 (DeAngelo,W+6) High academic dist.-estab. reward prog.

A4250 (DeAngelo,W) Backpack safety-permits instruction

A4251 (Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D) Fishing lic, priv community lake-not req

A4252 (Gusciora,R/Carroll,M+15) Marijuana-decrim. possession, 15 grams

A4253 (DiCicco,D/Rudder,S) Adult Guardianship, Jurisdiction Act

A4254 (Bramnick,J) PIP benf. disputes-access judicial sys.

A4255 (Rudder,S/Diegnan,P) Law enforcement off.-impersonation

A4256 (Albano,N) No-ethanol fuel-permits cert. sale

A4257 (DiMaio,J) Retail Estab. Check Cashers Act

A4258 (DeCroce,A) Co comm bd-change to chosen freeholder

A4259 (Quijano,A) Student loan interest-prov. tax cred.

A4260 (Dancer,R) Standardbred priv fac-excl cert. persons

A4261 (Rumpf,B/Gove,D) Voter id-req. as proof to vote

A4262 (Wisniewski,J/O’Donnell,J+3) Move over law-erect signs

A4263 (DeCroce,A) Pub-priv. transp. demo. proj-auth. Devel

A4264 (Fuentes,A) Urban Hope Act

A4265 (McHose,A/Rible,D+1) Retired law enforcement off.-issue id

A4266 (Evans,E/Johnson,G) Hand-held cell phone-reckless driv.

ACR203 (DeAngelo,W/Giblin,T+1) Collective bargaining-pub. emp right

ACR204 (McKeon,J/Barnes,P) Extra-judicial activities-permits

ACR205 (Ramos,R) Trade agreement-Leg consent, St approval

AJR83 (Bucco,A) Foster Care Mo.-desig. May

AJR84 (O’Scanlon,D/Casagrande,C) Housing Urban Devel-approve base closure

AR172 (DiCicco
,D) Interstate auth.-release fiscal info.

AR173 (DiCicco,D) Stink bug eradication-EPA approve

AR174 (DiCicco,D) Brown marmorated stick bug-id

AR175 (Chivukula,U/McKeon,J) Greenhouse Gas Initiative-participation New bills land in post-election Trenton