Nodejitsu’s New Node.js Framework Shows How Coder-Led Companies Roll

Nodejtitsu, the New York and San Francisco-based hosting platform co-founded by a pair of young but extremely prolific developers, had a mega release yesterday: Flatiron, a framework for node.js app development. It’s not the first node.js framework, but it’s had rave reviews from developers so far who praise it for simplicity, speed and sheer volume of code.

Nodejitsu now has web developers working with node.js covered from application creation to hosting. CEO Charlie Robbins writes:

At its core flatiron is two things:

An initiative to build a collection of decoupled tools with the same standard of quality and performance that you would expect from anything built by Nodejitsu.

A full-stack web application development framework which packages these tools together to make isomorphic and stream-based application development easier.

The startup is really throwing its fortune in with the future of node.js, a relatively new tool for web development. Considering Microsoft just embraced the technology, doesn’t seem like a bad idea. The framework should give Nodejitsu another advantage in competing with Y Combinator superstar Heroku, which released a node.js hosting service. Nodejitsu also competes with Y Combinator alum, NowJS. Nodejitsu’s New Node.js Framework Shows How Coder-Led Companies Roll