Obama Campaign Answers Romney With New 'Deceive' Logo

For weeks now the Mitt Romney campaign has been having some fun at Barack Obama’s expense by taking the logo from the 2008 campaign–the one with the red, white and blue “O”–and writing over it “OBSESSION.”

The dig is meant to imply that the Obama campaign is singularly focused on Mr. Romney as their eventual opponent. This is undoubtedly true, but now the Democrats have begun to fire back, tweaking the GOP frontrunner’s logo–which says “Believe in America”–with one that reads “Deceive America.”

The immediate cause for the logo hack is the ad Mr. Romney released yesterday which takes a very out-of-context clip of the president to suggest that if the campaign is about the economy, that he will lose.

In a statement, the Democratic National Committee writes:

Mitt Romney took his “by any means necessary” approach to running for President to an all new low in his first ad of the 2012 campaign cycle, an intentionally false attack ad that uses words President Obama used in 2008 out of context.  Mitt Romney’s dishonest and purposely deceptive ad was universally panned across cable and print news yesterday but you’d never know that if you only listened to Romney’s press shop, which sent out a missive titled “What They’re Saying” quoting only news stories that posted Monday night before the ad’s blatant dishonesty was picked up.

What they’re ACTUALLY saying is that Mitt Romney and his campaign sought to intentionally deceive the American people.

We imagine this particular line of attack will stick around for a while.

Accompanying DNC web video below:



Obama Campaign Answers Romney With New 'Deceive' Logo