Opposing party public dime attorneys war in LD18

After taking a surprise pounding from the GOP early, LD 18 Democrats retaliated this week against Assembly GOP challengers Joe Sinagra and especially Marcia Silva.

Caught unawares by mail targeting his public sector paycheck as an attorney for various towns over the years, Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan, (D-18), savaged Silva for also drawing a public salary in what amounts to a miniature tactical face-off reminiscent of the LD 2 Senate battle.

The Democratic assemblyman assessed Silva in one word: hypocrite.

“Criticizing others for public jobs while you make more than $500,000 from a cushy, part-time political job,” the Democratic mailer fumes alongside a shot of the South River prosecutor.

In Silva protective mode, the GOP was immediately up in Diegnan’s face, doubling down on the attorney/assemblyman’s more than $1.5 million from eight taxpayer-funded jobs over the past decade.

“As a single mother of two earning the state’s median income, I know how hard it is to raise a family when New Jersey’s taxes are so high thanks to Trenton politicians like Pat Diegnan who don’t think twice about increasing the burden on working-class families,” Silva said. “That’s because people who have held eight political jobs don’t feel the pressure the rest of us do every day to feed our families and heat our homes.”

The GOP said their former Middlesex prosecutor candidate accepted a salary that was nearly half of what she made in the private sector working for a multimillion-dollar law firm in New York City.

They also charged the Dems with high-balling her numbers in their counter punch piece.

Opposing party public dime attorneys war in LD18