OWS Library Safe and Sound; Held Captive By City

(Photo via mayor's office's Twitter account)

While Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are waiting to hear the verdict on whether or not they’ll be let back in to Zuccotti Park this evening, there’s at least a glimmer of good news. Mayor Bloomberg did not burn all their books out of spite!

Thirty minutes ago, @NYCMayorsOffice, the city’s official Twitter account, posted the picture on the left along with the following text: Property from #Zuccotti, incl #OWS library, safely stored @ 57th St Sanit Garage; can be picked up Weds

This should be heartening news to book lovers like Rolling Stone‘s Jeff Sharlett, who tweeted earlier that he saw the books being thrown in dumpsters, and OWS itself, which tweeted about the People’s Library being “destroyed.” Ironically, the NYPD seems to have handled the books with more care than the actual protesters. As one person on Twitter put it, “I guess this is like a kidnapper’s proof of life picture to show us our books are still alive.”

For the rest of the stuff that was confiscated from OWS earlier today, keep checking back on the mayor’s office Twitter feed.

OWS Library Safe and Sound; Held Captive By City