Paul Ceglia Alleges Mark Zuckerberg Deleted Harvard Emails

Show me them emails, Zucky.

Paul Ceglia’s fifth or sixth new legal counsel, depending on who’s counting, has a new tactic.

In papers filed in a federal court in Buffalo yesterday, Mr. Ceglia alleges that Mark Zuckerberg deleted emails pertinent to the case from his Harvard University after the judge issued a “litigation hold.”

Followers of the legal hijinks will remember that Mr. Ceglia’s version of those emails were cut-and-pasted in a Word Doc, which seems a little antiquated, even for 2003 and 2004.

Facebook’s crafty lawyer Orin Snyder’s, who makes sport of maligning Mr. Ceglia and his attorneys, emailed Businessweek to say:

“These filings by Ceglia and his latest lawyer are truly delusional. These are the desperate acts of a man whose fraudulent lawsuit has now been fully exposed.”

That may be, but Betabeat would pay good money to see Zuck’s Harvard-era emails. If they’re anything like his IMs, it should make for an interesting read.

Paul Ceglia Alleges Mark Zuckerberg Deleted Harvard Emails