PolitickerNJ hits milestone

The staff at PolitickerNJ would like to thank you, our readers, for helping us achieve a milestone.

This morning we reached 10 million pageviews on the year for just the third time in the site’s history.

Achieving that milestone is a testament to the hard work and long hours put in by our staffers each and every day.  I would like to personally congratulate Deputy Editor Max Pizarro for a yeoman’s effort over the past year as he continued to outhustle nearly every reporter in the state while pursuing the best in political news.

I’d also like to congratulate reporter Tim Carroll who began the year with PolitickerNJ before moving to our sister site, State Street Wire.  Tim is an integral part of our continued success as are Deputy Editor Bill Mooney and reporter Minhaj Hassan, who both keep the trains running and the copy flowing at State Street Wire.  Jim Hooker also is a welcome addition to our team and has given us a shot in the arm to go forward.

The site has gone through a transition over the past 18 months as we’ve remade it into a one of premier state political news sites in the nation.  And through that change, you’ve stuck by us. For that, we thank you.


PolitickerNJ hits milestone