Ray Kelly Gets Heckled in David Dinkins' Columbia Class

According to a Columbia University blog, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly made an awfully awkward appearance in David Dinkins’ Columbia class today:

About fifteen minutes ago, NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was answering questions in former NYC Mayor/Columbia Professor David Dinkins’ SIPA class about urban public policy when a student pulled out a projector and began to screen images of police officers beating civilians on the wall behind Kelly. “We’d like to offer an alternative version,” one slide read.

The student turned out not to be registered for the class, or even a student at Columbia, but still “stood up and called for Kelly’s resignation.”

Which led Mr. Dinkins to ask the student to “take it easy.”

For his part, Mr. Kelly seemed non-plussed. “Well, this is very intimidating,” he said, and then after another disruption, he leaned over to Cy Vance–who was also guest lecturing–and stage whispered “Says something about the security of this school, doesn’t it?”

An Awkward Moment With Police Commissioner Ray Kelly [BWOG]

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Ray Kelly Gets Heckled in David Dinkins' Columbia Class