Peaceful Home: Richard Holbrooke’s Beresford ‘Office Sells for $1.8M

When The Observer noticed that Kati Marton had sold an apartment for $1.8 million at The Beresford, we were slightly

Kati Marton and Richard Holbrooke

When The Observer noticed that Kati Marton had sold an apartment for $1.8 million at The Beresford, we were slightly surprised. The author, formerly married to Peter Jennings, wed Richard Holbrooke in 1995, and the two lived in the building for years.

Not only did we find it unlikely that one of the country’s greatest statesmen would live with his wife in such a humble abode, but a New York Times article describing frequent visitors at the Marton/Holbrooke residence seemed discordant with so  small a property: a dinner toasting Hilary Clinton is held every December in the couple’s apartment with star-studded guests including Glenn Close, Robert de Niro and Matt Damon often making appearances. We were told your home had to be worth at least $7 million for Mr. de Niro to show up!

Then there was the fact that Ms. Marton had a home on the market for a whopping $13 million. Turns out, this ain’t it.

A broker familiar with the property explained that a smaller unit that has just sold (8H) was purchased several years back and added to the palatial spread currently on the market (8G). Mr. Holbrooke used the one-bedroom as his office, in fact. While Stribling broker Beatrice Ducrot refused to give any details on either unit apartment, she explained that the sale of 8H was a completely separate transaction from 8G.

A broker who has toured the apartment explained that 8H was added to 8G several years back. Ms. Marton’s name was on the deed of the recent sale.

As the unit was not listed publicly, few details are available. Another broker, however, showed The Observer a listing from when the unit was last on the market back in 2005, for a mere $689,000.  According to floor plans from that report, the place is a small one-bedroom with a 220-square-foot master suite, a small kitchen and a 378-square-foot living room.

The Observer spoke with the buyer, Ed Reggie. an investor and businessman involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Reggie explained that he had in fact rented the smaller unit from Ms. Marton previously. “I was looking in New York to buy, and The Beresford gave permission for a short rental,” he explained. Liking the space, he ultimately decided to buy. The unit served as a guest apartment in addition to Mr. Holbrooke’s private sanctum, Mr. Reggie toldThe Observer.

More than doubling her initial investment, Ms. Marton did well on the deal. The celebrity cache no doubt boosted the price: not so much that it was Mr. Holbrooke’s office, but rather that Matt Damon may have spent the night after one of those raucous Hilary Clinton parties!

Peaceful Home: Richard Holbrooke’s Beresford ‘Office Sells for $1.8M