Roundup: Occupy Obama; Governor Cuomo's Egg Habit

Protesters attempted to occupy President Obama’s speech in New Hampshire.

Sandra Lee said her boyfriend, Governor Andrew Cuomo, enjoys hardboiled eggs.

Congressman Peter King said Mitt Romney is the “most competent” Republican presidential candidate. 

Eva Vachal, Herman Cain’s former assistant at Godfather’s Pizza said she never saw “a woman raise an eyebrow about Cain’s conduct.” “Once in a while, he would tell me how attractive I looked in my pantsuit, or whatever, but I liked it.”

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said pepper spray is no big deal. “It’s a food product essentially.”

Former Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko was sentenced to a decade-and-a-half in prison for allegedly extorting millions during his time as an advisor to disgraced ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.



Roundup: Occupy Obama; Governor Cuomo's Egg Habit