Rumors & Acquisitions: Poach Motel and More @FakeDaveTisch Guesses

POACHER KING. In the course of researching a story about poaching etiquette—o, the ham-fisted ways of recruiters with unlimited InMail!—Betabeat learned of a notoriously aggressive recruiter who is a known poacher. “It is an individual male who has his name in the title of his company, it’s a very small company more prevalent in New York,” a source told us. Guesses, Betabeasties? Perhaps Dave Carvajal of Dave Partners, or Paul Daversa from Daversa Partners: “Daversa Partners is exceptional at the three things that drive legendary search work: we partner with the companies that dominate the market; we consistently capture the attention of game changing executives; and we close the unrecruitable candidates.”

RETROACTIVE FOUNDING EDITOR. Last week, Betabeat wrote about Saul Hansell’s move from AOL/Huffington Post to betaworks. “The founding editor of the Bits blog!” we trumpeted, as per Mr. Hansell’s self-description. Oops. “Saul Hansell was not the founding editor of Bits,” writes a source at the The New York Times. “He helped create it as a reporter and played no small part in getting it going as the first lead Bits blogger. But he was not the editor. He never was an editor at the Times.”

THE GUESSING GAME CONTINUES. Who is @fakedavetisch? “Your guess is close; it’s 2 people; it is one of the people on your list of 4, and the other one is missing,” writes a local VC. “All the guesses are wrong for @fakedavetisch,” said another founder. “It’s a significant other of someone in the community.” Hmm… new guesses:

Lauren Gilchrist. Because @fakedavetisch has excellent grammar.

Christine Lemke. Significant other, Twitter says similar to @fakedavetisch.

Elisa Cutrin Aller. Because homegirl is funny.

Phineas Barnes. Because we picked up a Twitter follow from this candidate, although that could have been because of the other thing. Rumors & Acquisitions: Poach Motel and More @FakeDaveTisch Guesses