Saturday: Art and Commerce

Now that you’ll be spending more and more time inside (oh, the joys of winter!), you’ll want to make sure you apartment is in order. Since your last girlfriend made you throw away that Dark Side of the Moon poster (even after you had it framed) your walls have been looking particularly drab. Need some art? No problem! The New Yorker‘s annual Passport to the Arts is being held today, and on the self-guided tour through Chelsea and Soho’s art galleries you’ll definitely find something that will look good in your loft. But before your palms get sweat and you start furiously scribbling witticisms on nearby napkins, you should be forewarned that David Remnick won’t be attending the walkabout: the tour is being hosted by the magazine’s promotional department (read: ad side).


The New Yorker’s Passport to the Arts: Sign-in and passport pick up, Animazing Gallery 54 Greene Street (at Broome Street) 11am-3pm; cocktail reception and silent auction, Hudson Studios, 601 West 26th Street; tickets available at Saturday: Art and Commerce