Saturday: It’s Noon Somewhere

NYC Beerathon

Having shown off your knowledge of Soviet-era history last night, you’re eager to do something wholly and fundamentally American. Today is the annual NYC Beerathon, and you have the opportunity to partake in the most American of pastimes: competitive day-drinking. This isn’t any civilized suds tasting, but rather an epic battle between man and liver. The goal? Drink 26 beers at 26 different Village bars. Starting at 11 a.m. in the West Village, you’ll be swaggering around NYU by noontime, slowly snaking your way east throughout the course of the boozy afternoon—probably breaking your personal best BAC score in the process. Only one person has completed the challenge, but, aside from a few Hangover-esque photos on his phone, he has no memory of the glory. Just think: you could be the next black-out beer hero!

New York City Beerathon. Check-in starts at 11 a.m. Tickets, $65, available at Saturday: It’s Noon Somewhere