Sierra Club says DRBC didn’t have votes to lift moratorium on ‘fracking’

TRENTON – The N.J. Sierra Club said this morning it believes the Delaware River Basin Commission postponed its scheduled vote Monday on lifting the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing gas exploration because it didn’t have the votes.

“The vote was to take place on Monday but was delayed as the measure did not have enough votes to pass,” Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel said in a release.

“If the regulations were adopted they would have lifted the moratorium on gas drilling, allowing the dangerous gas drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking,’ to be used in the region.”

“More than a quarter of a million people have submitted comments, petitions, and letters opposing these rules.

“This now gives us an opportunity to work even harder on Governor Christie and President Obama to make sure the moratorium does not get lifted and that the rules are based on science if they do move forward.”

The Commission postponed the vote and did not announce a new date.

Environmentalists oppose ‘fracking’ because of the dangers of water polluted by toxic chemicals used in the process. 

Supporters say the procedure has been made safe and will mean jobs and an improved economy as well as a reduced reliance on foreign oil.

“This is a real victory for grass roots activism. Because of public outcry the DRBC vote has been delayed. As long as there is a delay, we can continue working toward getting a permanent ban on fracking in the Delaware basin,” Tittel said.

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