Sleep Yes More: Justin Bieber’s Manager Thinks Sean Parker Needs to Leave New York City

Mr. Braun (via Twitter)For a grown ass billionaire, Sean Parker sure has a lot of people worrying about whether he gets enough sleep. In David Kirkpatrick’s profile of Mr. Parker in Vanity Fair last year, much was made of the line, “He routinely stays up very, very late, talking intensely about subjects he cares about and/or partying—and sleeps in much of the following day.” That was followed by a comment from Ron Conway calling Mr. Parker “so scattered yet so brilliant.”

Now, in the upcoming issue of Page Six magazine, the New York Post reports that Mr. Parker’s friend Scooter Braun is also wondering about his pal’s sleeping schedule and how it may effect his state of mind. And the 30-year-old talent agent, who manages Justin Bieber, should know from distractions.

“New York is the city that never sleeps. I think for a person like Sean, it’s good to be in a city that sleeps,” Braun told Page Six Magazine, out on Thursday. “Sean needs to be focused. He doesn’t need distractions. Sean’s at his best when he can collect his thoughts.”

Hey, it’s not New York’s fault! The fabulous parties Mr. Parker throws, par for the life of a Spotify music investor, seem to happen more often in far-flung locations like Coachella. Sources tell Betabeat that Mr. Parker and his fiancé, Alexandra Lenas, spend a lot of time away from the city and that when they’re here, they tend to eschew the club circuit, where Mr. Parker’s standing doesn’t necessarily earn him a carte blanche, for their $20 million West Village abode.

On the other hand, living in a townhouse with a playboy past named after the Roman god of wine-making and ecstasy doesn’t exactly scream heads down.

Sleep Yes More: Justin Bieber’s Manager Thinks Sean Parker Needs to Leave New York City