Socialites Buy from Cosmetic Derm on Park

Coralie Paul is used to packing up her belongings. Or having people pack them for her. Born in Hawaii, the socialite has lived in Paris, Geneva, Hong Kong and, of course, New York, her adopted home. Soon, movers will yet again invade her home, wrapping up all her delicate china and Waterford stemware. Ms. Paul and her husband Dennis have purchased a new home at 715 Park, city records show.

The building, which is aesthetically nondescript, is a bit of a surprise choice for Ms. Paul who has expressed her love of nouveau designs. When asked to name her favorite buildings in the city, Ms. Paul responded that she particularly loved “the new Hearst building and, of course, the Museum of Modern Art because of what they represent for the future of architecture.” No Perry Street digs for you, Ms. Paul? What about Gehry’s Spruce street edifice? Too far downtown, we suppose.

The Pauls did get a sweet deal on their new Park Ave home, however. The four-bedroom, four-bath place was originally listed for $5.7 million, but the couple snagged it for just $4.45 million late last month.

The 2,700-square-foot condo comes with a 600-square foot wrap terrace (all the better for surveying the surrounding dominion), a library and in-house laundry, which will make the housework easier for the maids.

The home was previously owned by cosmetic dermatologist hotshot Albert Lefkovits and his wife, Cheryl. Their neighbors will surely miss them. How nice it must have been to have face-lift consultations in the privacy of your own apartment building!

Socialites Buy from Cosmetic Derm on Park