Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Comes to Sunshine Cinema


Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is exactly as promised: an hour-long interview with Mr. Jobs from 1995 that was, until recently, thought to be lost to the world.

The interview was filmed as part of Robert X. Cringely’s TV series, “Triumph of the Nerds” about the birth of the PC. At the time, Mr. Jobs had been ousted out of Apple for a decade and was working on NeXT (which would go on to develop the heart of the iMac’s initial operating system). He spoke candidly about being pushed out of the company, early days with the Woz, and his vision for a digital future.

“During the interview, Jobs was at his charismatic best – witty, outspoken, visionary. In the end, only a part of the interview was used in the series and the rest was thought lost. But recently a VHS copy was found in the series director’s garage. Now, cleaned up with modern technology, and put into context by Cringely, the entire interview will be screened in Landmark Theatres.”

If you’re buying tickets for the 11/16 and 11/17 shows at Sunshine Cinemas on the Lower East Side, it’s probably advisable to leave your Zombie Steve Jobs costumes at home so as not to rattle your fellow theater-goers. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Comes to Sunshine Cinema