Tax assessor criticized in Comptroller’s report defends actions

EDGEWATER – The tax assessor criticized in a Comptroller’s report for reducing the assessed value of condominiums here defended himself in a letter to the state.

Arthur Carlson, who was a tax assessor for Edgewater when he handled the tax assessments for the Peninsula condo units in City Place, said in a letter to the Comptroller in September that one could get the impression from the report that he did something blatantly wrong, but he actually acted with the best interests of Edgewater in mind.

Carlson responded to the Comptroller findings that he inappropriately reduced assessments on condos owned by the same developer.

Among other things, Carlson stated in his letter to the Comptroller that his actions are lawful, and in line with similar actions taken with other troubled condo projects.

He said that he did not give preferential treatment, but did what the law and precedent allowed.

“In this report, in my opinion,’’ Carlson wrote, “they confiscated my rights.”

Edgewater Borough Administrator Gregory Franz said the town would have no comment on the report.

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