Tech Startups Are Now Hiring Groupies

Everyone on the startup bus

So you’re a young social sales analytics platform. You know cloud computing is a hot market, but it isn’t easy to break out from the pack and get noticed.

When a rock star like Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is in town, perhaps giving a talk at the Jacob Javits center tomorrow as part of the CloudForce expo, you’ve basically got one chance to make a big impression.

You could try slipping him your pitch deck in the elevator or maybe rapping your way to an M&A. But the smart money is to get him to come to you, and that means making a splash.

We found this amazing offer on Zaarly today:

    $10 for “groupies” to join me at Cloudforce NYC on Wed
    Help a new startup make an impact. Walk the show floor and wear a hoodie and enjoy the East’s largest Cloud Expo! Keep hoodie and get $10 in cab fare. Meetup at 8am. Registration FREE.

We pinged the seller to ask for some details. “Sure. Social sales Analytics. Recently launched on appexchange and looking to make a splash at the event. Technique worked well for us at Dreamforce. Would like the help!”

There is nothing Betabeat loves more than the smell of a freshly printed startup hoodie, but sadly, duty calls at the old blogsphere. We’ll update when possible with pics. Tech Startups Are Now Hiring Groupies