The Groupon IPO Guessing Contest: Win a Cookie!


Groupon’s IPO is going to be priced sometime today! It goes on sale tomorrow. THE MOST IMPORTANT IPO IN DAILY DEALS HISTORY IS FINALLY HERE, HAROLD CAMPING! So, we’re having a contest. Here’s how it works:

1. Betabeat will make guesses on the IPO, both the IPO price and the price at day’s end.

2. If any of your guesses are closer to the actual IPO than Betabeat’s, we will give you a cookie. A real cookie.

3. No cheating, no going to the future and finding out what it is, no insider trading, no guesses from Andrew Masons, Groupon Cats, or dogs.

To be totally fair, this shouldn’t be that hard to win, because, well…you’re about to see. Anyway: Ready? Okay! Here are our guesses:


Opening at $16.85, closing at $14.25. Bloomberg and Reuters are reporting it higher than the Wall Street Journal, whose sources tell them that it’s in the $16-$18 range. Given the fact that all Groupon Hype Money equals in Real Truth Money like, a bunch less than whatever they’re bullshitting, factored with Wall Street’s ability to jack up a price, factored with all the people that are going to come in, pump it up, and then dump it on its ass before they head out for one of the last nice golfing weekends of the year having definitely hosed lesser sophisticated market forces (i.e. normal people), I say they open slightly higher than the minimum standard guess, and close below it after all the guys who woke up and got in early jacked it up and sold it off for a few bucks. It’s kind of like a Groupon on Groupon, except the small business that suffers is – heh – Groupon. Also, four letters for you people: LNKD.”


“Opening at $18.00, closing at $40.00 People are sheep.”

Gurl u so crazy. Popper! What’s the word?

[4:30:06 PM] ben.popper: yeah – if it opens at $16
[4:30:06 PM] ben.popper: i say it goes to $60
[4:30:09 PM] ben.popper: and closes at $30
[4:30:16 PM] ben.popper: fun day
[4:30:19 PM] ben.popper: rollercoaster
[4:30:22 PM] ben.popper: get in get out
[4:30:24 PM] ben.popper: always be closing

This is like Freakonomics meets Special Ed. Nitasha! Whatcha got?

Opening at $15.50, hoping lower price will make people forget its amended SEC filing. World gets popcorn, watches 11 and a half people (my brother and his dog are planning on shorting) snap up that 0.5 percent equity, sorry 5 percent. My bad. How could I forget.

Okay actually I think it will open at $15.50, go up to $50 (there are lots of people like my brother) and close at $20. But ask me what happens three days later . . .”

Don’t make us. Those are our guesses. Now, we want yours. Either tweet them at @Betabeat or throw them in the comments. If you win, we’ll find a way to get in touch with you and mail you a cookie, which hopefully will not be all crumbs by the time you get it. Good luck! The Groupon IPO Guessing Contest: Win a Cookie!