The Pitch, Episode Eight: Dibsie – Browsing for a Big Idea

Dibsie is a dynamic shopping catalog that learns users’s tastes and then surfaces products based on that data. It was founded by Garren Givens, Dylan Fareed and Scott Poniewaz, who previously worked together on CampusDibs, a daily deal site aimed at the college market.

Learning a user’s preferences in order to recommend him or her better products is a space that has seen a lot of activity in New York recently. Hunch was acquired by eBay to power just that sort of highly-personalized experience. Meanwhile, The Fancy just nabbed a $10 million investment from the biggest fashion brands on the planet to connect users’s taste in web surfing with luxury e-commerce.

Dibsie wants to play with both those models. Like eBay, it will be in part a self-serve platform, where small businesses can go to upload their products alongside more established brands. The company launched at the New York Tech Meetup in August and since then have added hundreds of small businesses that use Dibsie as a platform for their offers.

Ben and Jordan are impressed with the presentation and think Garren seems intelligent. They agree it’s a valuable space, but they’re worried that this is a very crowded market. Did Garren’s pitch convince them Dibsie can emerge from the pack?

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