The Pitch, Episode Six: Get-A-Game – Toying With Your VCs

Born and raised in New York City, Dan Tashman has always been on the hunt for good pick-up games. After spending a decade working in the toy industry, he left to try his hand as an entrepreneur. And he decided to follow Paul Graham’s maxim: To solve a problem he’d faced himself.

Get-A-Game is a mobile app that lets users find the best pick-up games around them. Users can create a new game, share it with friends and search out the best local venues. Mr. Tashman and his team actually went to every park in New York to geo-tag all the available play spaces and courts.

For the pitch session at Lerer Ventures, Mr. Tashman brought along a few of his hardware creations as well. Both Ben and Ken Lerer were impressed with the array of hi-tech Frisbees Mr. Tashman built by hand. But for the mobile app to make sense as a business, the team from Lerer wants to see a network effect. Can Get-A-Game show them the user traction they need?

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