Three’s a Trend: Another Rapper Spits a Line About Tumblr

Childish Gambino, AKA, Donald Glover, AKA, Troy from 'Community', AKA Another Rapper On Tumblr.

Yesterday, we noted that—following in Odd Future’s lead—yet another “hot” rap act has dropped a reference to Tumblr in one of his songs: critical darling (and Kanye West signee) Pusha-T, who used Tumblr as a slag of sorts on another up-and-coming rapper. Well, today, a Tumblr employee notes a track of yet another much-discussed up-and-coming rapper (who also happens to work as a prime-time TV star when he’s not rapping) whose recent track lays down love—or a form of it—for the social network/microblogging platform.


The one and only TopherChris—the editorial director of Tumblr—takes note of Childish Gambino (AKA: Donald Glover, currently starring in NBC’s Community when not rapping, or being maligned for his rapping alter-ego’s misogyny), whose latest song references the very company TopherChris works for:

Send me naked pics, I’mma Tumble that
I’m the shit, been the shit, fuck a humble brag

Via rap explainer site Rap Genius:

[Childish Gambino] is known for being an avid Tumbler. He constantly posts pictures of sexy women, dope clothing, and music he enjoys on his website.

Three’s a trend! That’s Odd Future, Pusha T, and Childish Gambino who have all rhymed about Tumblr. Were we to try to extrapolate “meaning” from this for Tumblr, we’d say that it clues the world into the fact that ostensibly, Tumblr’s beginning to reach a culture saturation point, one marked with references made by or utilization by either up-and-coming or already established rap acts, and it’s only going upward from here! In reality, it “means” nothing other than rappers need something that rhymes with, like, “humblr” or whatever, and they just so happen to be using it, like a bunch of other people. But it’s sure fun to think about!

Or we could just tell you that Tumblr is quickly becoming The Culturally Prominent Misogynist’s Social Network of Choice. But: nah, son. TechCrunch, have at it.

[That said, we eagerly await Ann Coulter’s forthcoming screed on how Tumblr is for violent, communist, anti-government misogynistic black men. Hey, it could happen.] Three’s a Trend: Another Rapper Spits a Line About Tumblr