Trenton Investigation?

There was an interesting tidbit buried in a Times of Trenton story yesterday about the indictment of the city’s blue collar union head.

Dave Tallone was indicted for impersonation and forgery. Prosecutors allege he fraudulently obtained city contracts on at least five occasions.

Asked about the arrest, Merer County Prosecutor Joe Bocchini issued a cryptic reply:  “This is part of an ongoing investigation involving the city,” Bocchini said.  He declined to elaborate on the investigation.

The City of Trenton has been embroiled in scandal after scandal since Mayor Tony Mack took office last year.  Recently, a former employee filed suit against the city that, among other charges, alleges Mack stole city property and gave out a no-show job.

It’s unknown what Bocchini’s office is investigating, but members of Mack’s administration have been on the wrong side of law enforcement several times during the mayor’s tenure.

Today, City Spokesman Lauren Ira announced that Tallone has been suspended without pay.

“To ensure there was no misappropriation of funds, under his tenure as president of the Local 2286 and officer of the City’s Credit Union, we urge both entities to immediately conduct a forensic audit and publicly release those findings,” the city said in a statement. “The administration will cooperate as needed with the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.” Trenton Investigation?