We Might Need to Invent a Word for Former Twitter Employees

Can a Fail Whale waive goodbye?

Despite the growing number of tweets (250 million a day) and ballooning valuation ($8 billion), a brewing exodus at Twitter doesn’t seem to be limited to Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet’s departure from the company’s board or shuffling in the C-suite.

Fortune.com put together a round-up of some key positions that have left, including former head of communications Sean Garrett the company’s first ever PR hire, Chief Scientist Abdur Chowdhury, VP of engineering Mike Abbott, down to Loren Britcher, who created the iOS app Tweetie.

The moves haven’t been lost on recruiters. Betabeat spoke to one last Friday who said Twitter employees’s LinkedIn mailboxes were overloaded in both directions since the CEO switch with Jack Dorsey earlier this year.

Twitter issued the following statement to Fortune.com in response:

“Twitter has experienced record growth over the past year, growing from 200 employees last summer to more than 700 people today. It’s natural that some employees may move on to other adventures as the company and its business continues to mature.”

All the magazine features on Twitter’s potential failure to monetize have had art departments running out of riffs on the Fail Whale. But the more pressing issue for tech bloggers might be how to refer to growing number of former Twitter staffers as they move on to their next project.  Google has Xooglers. Xwitters? Qwitters? People Who Probably Have Chris Sacca’s Home Phone Number? We Might Need to Invent a Word for Former Twitter Employees