What Were We Asking? The Top Questions of 2011 According to Ask.com

Ask.com, the Oakland-based, IAC-owned, Jeeves-powered search engine-turned Q&A service, just released the most pressing questions of 2011. We won’t make you squirm: “Was Kim Kardashian’s wedding fake?” was the hottest question asked on Ask.com in 2011.

Ask.com, which also syndicates search and advertising solutions to a network of affiliate partners, says it has 60 million users. For a closer peek into the id of the internet-using population, the top questions of the year are below:

Top celebrity search terms and questions include:

1.     Kim Kardashian: Was Kim Kardashian’s wedding fake?

2.     Justin Bieber: Is Justin Bieber going to be a dad?

3.     Lady Gaga: Are Lady Gaga’s face implants real?

4.     Beyonce: Did Beyonce fake a baby bump?

5.     Kate Middleton: Who made Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?

6.     Ashton Kutcher: Did Ashton cheat?

7.     Michael Jackson: Was Michael Jackson murdered?

8.     Selena Gomez: Is Selena Gomez pregnant?

9.     Lindsay Lohan: Is Lindsay Lohan going to jail?

10.  Charlie Sheen: What happened to Charlie Sheen’s teeth?

Top news search terms and questions include:

1.     Earthquake in Japan: How big was the earthquake in Japan?

2.     Hurricane Irene: What caused Hurricane Irene?

3.     Steve Jobs: How much was Steve Jobs worth?

4.     Royal Wedding: What did William whisper to Kate on the balcony?

5.     Occupy Wall Street: Who started Occupy Wall Street?

6.     iPhone: When will Apple release the iPhone 5?

7.     Osama Bin Laden: Who killed Bin Laden?

8.     Casey Anthony: Where is Casey Anthony hiding?

9.     10th Anniversary of September 11: What is happening on the 10th anniversary of 9/11?

10.  Amy Winehouse: How did Amy Winehouse die?

Top political searches and questions include:

1.     Barack Obama: Will Obama get re-elected?

2.     Mitt Romney: What is Mitt Romney’s religion?

3.     Sarah Palin: Is Sarah Palin running for president?

4.     Michele Bachmann: Is Michele Bachmann crazy?

5.     Anthony Weiner: Where can I find Anthony Weiner’s Twitter pics?

6.     Arnold Schwarzenegger: Who was Arnold’s mistress?

7.     Gay Marriage: Which states allow gay marriage?

8.     Withdrawl from Iraq: When will the troops come home?

9.     Iowa Caucus: When is the Iowa caucus?

10.  Muammar Ghadafi: Who will lead Libya after Ghadafi?

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