Will Occupy Art Basel Take Miami Beach?

Coming soon to an art fair near you?

We’re holding down the fort in what is proving to be a pretty cold and gray afternoon in New York, but our colleagues basking in the Miami sunshine could get a reminder of home this week at Art Basel Miami Beach. Here is Occupy Art Basel’s web site.

A note on the site identifies them as the people “who can barely afford the entry fee to see the art at Art Basel, let alone make an offer on their favorite art piece.” A decidedly different protest than our columnist Adam Lindemann’s decision to “occupy” Miami Beach by not going. A note posted on the web site a few weeks back offers an explanation of Occupy Art Basel’s reasoning:

Occupalooza is not a revolution in the sense of the French or Soviet or even American revolutions. That’s why it’s so easy to replicate, complicate, and co-opt. Occupy Wall Street and its fast proliferating satellites worldwide may spiral into more massive and even violent confrontations that can effect global change, but for now they are perceived a a loose, leaderless, disorganized, inchoate rabble of dopey, new age, politically correct, hippie-scented collegiate rebels without a cause, staggering under student loans and bereft of job prospects, and assorted ragtag discontents and incorrigible Marxists and whiny never-do-wells, easy to contain, co-opt, feed, mock, trick away.

Yesterday, In the Air posted a warning email from the fair’s PR and media manager. There is no word yet on definitive plans for a protest, but the fair’s staff are preparing for the “possibility” of one. Will Occupy Art Basel Take Miami Beach?