Will Vera Wang Go Ahead With Her Line Of Kardashian-Inspired Wedding Dresses?

In her wedding chest, every little girl keeps cutouts of their perfect bridal dress. There’s the one that makes the statement  “Classy but subtle,” the one that makes you feel like a princess, and then finally, the one that tells the world, “Don’t throw out your gift receipts just yet.”

So when we heard couture nuptial designer Vera Wang was still working on a line of affordable wedding dresses that were based on her gowns worn by Kim Kardashian on her highly-publicized special day, the little girl inside of us got all giddy. We had already mentally bought all our bridesmaids dresses over at D-A-S-H, so this would just be perfect.

The rumors might be referring to the fact that Ms. Wang had already announced back in September that she would be adding two dresses to her White collection for David Bridal, inspired by 2/3rds of gowns she designed for Ms. Kardashian’s wedding. (This would include the mermaid wedding gown as well the tulle ballgown…sorry, “Classic Hollywood.”)

The dresses designed for Ms. Kardashian were estimated at $20k each–though who really knows, since they were donated by the dress-maker…just another perk of the Kardashian wedding experience!–but the “inspired” gowns would only cost $1,500. Vera Wang was clearly banking on the idea that they could recoup the cost of the “free” dresses with the hype for the new line, which is due out in February.

Of course, that was before Ms. Kardashian filed for divorce, something that will surely tap into the superstitions of brides-to-be: How unlucky would it be to wear a dress inspired by a marriage that lasted less than three months? And will Vera Wang continue with its plans to mass produce such a bad omen?

According to the New York Daily News, all signs point to a tentative “yes” to the dress. While Vera Wang spokesperson refused to comment, they did suggest trying again in a couple weeks. A DB spokesperson gave the statement, “The entire White by Vera Wang Spring 2012 collection will be available exclusively at David’s Bridal stores next season,” which would imply those dresses would be included.

But in those brief couple hours since NYDN released the news, David’s Bridal might have changed its tune. The New York Observer spoke to a very nice person in their PR department, who referred us back to Vera Wang’s people, because DB “couldn’t speak for Wang” and “wouldn’t want to get any information wrong.”

Maybe the designer will just scrap the Kardashian-line entirely. A smarter move may involve making some slight alterations and some big marketing pitches to pass off the two designs as new gowns that don’t make everyone immediately think of pre-nups and annulments when they look at them.

Will Vera Wang Go Ahead With Her Line Of Kardashian-Inspired Wedding Dresses?