“6 Seasons And A Movie”: Community Fans Flashmob 30 Rock

Amid the Christmas chaos of Rockerfeller Plaza, fans of the NBC show Community came together to protest its cancellation. It was a worryingly modest showing, to be honest. The Observer had to look hard for the small group of fans, who had been shunted to one side of the plaza.

But we found them all right—they were all wearing felt facial hair, one of the many references to the show they implemented in their protest. As we walked over we heard another. “Six seasons and a movie!” they chanted, barely audible over the Christmas cheer. It was a chant used by one of the characters.

“These fans are not only here but they’re rabid,” a young fan enthused. “Community is one of the smartest and most funny shows on television.”

“Was!” someone shouted.

Then the group was moved to song. Their rendition of “Oh Christmas, Troy,” was the third and final reference to the show (unless any more went over our heads). Meanwhile, The Observer spoke with another fan about the turnout.

“It’s a little disappointing but I think we’ve got enough attention,” he said.



“6 Seasons And A Movie”: Community Fans Flashmob 30 Rock