A Splendid Deal! Designer Snags West Village Penthouse For $5.7 M.

111 Jane Street roof terrace (StreetEasy)

You have to respect Moise Emquies. Trained as a lawyer, Mr. Emiques felt a higher calling. He set out to design the perfect cotton fabric from which he could produce the perfect T-shirt, and by George he did just that. As the founder of clothing brand Splendid, Mr. Emiques has cornered the market for upscale cotton staples from coast to coast. As a fitted-tee guru, he knows a good fit when he sees one, and apparently he and his wife Carol Ann found just that at 111 Jane Street.

The triplex penthouse harkens back to the couple’s home base in Santa Monica,  where they own a $10 million mansion just a few blocks from the Cali coastline. While their new condo may not come with a beach, it does include six terraces (including one off the master bath) where they can sun themselves with picturesque views of Jersey… almost good as the Pacific abyss, right?

According to a listing from Sotheby’s brokers Joshua Judge and Michael Quinn, the home also comes with three wood-burning fireplaces, a library, four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. By the looks of it, the condo has plenty of closet space for the couple and their kids to house their massive cotton clothing collection.

The home was bought from Barbara Addesso, who put the place on the market back in 2006. She and her husband, Louis Addesso, had owned the place since 2000.  Originally priced at $6.8 million, Moise and Carol Ann Emiques snagged it for just $5.7 million.


A Splendid Deal! Designer Snags West Village Penthouse For $5.7 M.