Alec Baldwin’s Twitter Account Dies So, Like Jesus, Alec Baldwin Can Have His Twitter Resurrection

As Betabeat continues our ’round-the-clock Alec Baldwin Twitter Fiasco coverage, we have reached a crucial breaking point: in the wake of his being ejected from an airplane for playing Words For Friends when he wasn’t supposed to, Mr. Baldwin—the Glengarry Glen Ross actor who once called his 11 year-old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig“—has left Twitter. And plans on coming back.

Yes, in what appears to be one of the odder variations on the old “I HATE YOU ALL!” internet stomp off, Mr. Baldwin has abandoned his Twitter account in order to…eventually return to Twitter in some other form. Via the L.A. Times:

The “30 Rock” star sent a tweet late Tuesday that said, “Let’s play a game called Mass Unfollowing. I want to crash this acct and start again. But, tonight at 10 PM NY time, unfollow me.”

His account was then closed out with a link to three YouTube videos of an orchestra performing Mahler’s 9th Symphony.

In the event you need refreshing, the precedent for this kind of planned resurrection was once set by Jesus. This is what his Twitter looks like now:

Mr. Baldwin did, however, take time to file for the Huffington Post on the crucial issue of How Much American Airlines Sucks As Told To You By Alec Baldwin. Journalism and/or serenity, now!

The lesson I’ve learned is to keep my phone off when the 1950’s gym teacher is on duty. That was my fault there, even though this trip was quite a bit different from so many others. But it is sad, I think, that you’ve got to fly overseas today in order to bring back what has been thrown overboard by US carriers in terms of common sense, style, and service.

Not that this is the first time an overzealous celebrity has raged against an airline and “won,” but this time, thankfully, due to Mr. Baldwin’s bold sacrifices made over the last 24 hours, the world not only knows how much (the literally bankrupt) American Airlines sucks, but also, just how patently unaccountable the world will hold anybody for being insufferable when they have as many Twitter followers as Alec Baldwin does.

We are all better off. | @weareyourfek

Alec Baldwin’s Twitter Account Dies So, Like Jesus, Alec Baldwin Can Have His Twitter Resurrection