Aol Ventures Jumps In on Appssavvy in $7.1 M. Round

Appssavvy, the New York-based “adtivity” network, announced a $7.1 million series A this morning from its seed investors including Scott Kurnit, Howard Lindzon, The New York Times and True Ventures. Rather than serving up ads when a page loads, Appssavvy delivers ads when users perform an activity: click on a thing, update a status, buy a virtual shot of Jaeger, complete a level, “like” something.

“Activity-based advertising we believe will be the emerging digital advertising category that paid search and behavioral targeting were a few years ago, and which video is today,” Chris Cunningham, co-founder and CEO, told PEHub.

Creating new places for advertising inventory and serving up ads in a way that’s harder to ignore? You can understand why Aol Ventures, venture arm of a desperate media company, also joined Appssavvy’s latest round. Appssavvy, which started in 2008, made its biggest inroads with in-game advertising in Facebook applications before later moving on to more creative venues for ads.

The company has grown to more than 60 and has a stack of nontechnical openings listed. The plan is to use the funding to build partnerships, build out the platform, and expand internationally.

As Mr. Cunningham said earlier this year, in an interview with one of its investers (spoiler, it was the NYT), Appssavvy is crushing it.

For whatever reason, crush just feels like the essence of what we’re going to do. We’re going to crush the competition. The next thing you know, you hear another person saying crush. And then they’ll sign off “crush” on e-mail. And then you go into a meeting and three people will be talking about crushing it. It’s literally part of our culture right now. It’s funny how this one word has literally just carried through everything we do.

Aol Ventures Jumps In on Appssavvy in $7.1 M. Round