New York ATMs to Become a Lot More Like Hulu

No more processing fees! (Flickr)

The good news: No more $2.00 processing fee (which is double-dipped, by the way, so your bank ends up charging you along with that shady bodega money dispenser).

Bad news: You have to stand around for five minutes while your ATM machine plays you a commercial. In the interim, try not to get mugged.

Welcome to the future…Free ATMs NYC.

Free ATMs is the brainchild of Clinton Townsend, a 25-year-old with a plan. The plan is to save you money, while having advertisers by time and space while you wait for your card to dispense twenties.

According to CNN Money: Up to six companies can advertise on each ATM at a given time, and ads are shown before, during and after each transaction.

This all sounds like a great plan…except that for busy New Yorkers, we don’t have time to wait at a random ATM while watching those Alec Baldwin Capital One ads. (Oh who are we kidding, we love those spots. More Baldwin, please!) It also seems dangerous: the more time you linger around an ATM on an empty street, entranced by the moving images playing out of the tiny machine, the better your chances are of being relieved of your wallet, your cell phone, and your shoes…if they’re nice.

Then again, Mr. Townsend has already tested one of these ATMs out at The Knitting Factory, and hey, if no one got mugged because of his machines in Brooklyn, what do Manhattanites have to worry about?

(Photo via cisc1970)

New York ATMs to Become a Lot More Like Hulu